Definition of fauteuil in US English:



  • A wooden seat in the form of an armchair with open sides and upholstered arms.

    • ‘The furniture pictured includes a mahogany Philadelphia sofa of about 1815 and a pair of French mahogany fauteuils made about 1835.’
    • ‘Later fauteuils of this type by Jacob Freres and Jacob Desmalter are typically entirely gilded, rendering them more opulent than those designed for the Salle du Conseil.’
    • ‘With a range of furnishings, from chiffonier, davenport and farthingale chairs to fauteuil and ottomans, aesthetes can choose from wide range at the exhibition.’
    • ‘Because only the self-indulgent king was allowed to sit in a fauteuil, or armchair, there was an abundance of lowly stools and benches - all covered in regal fabrics: velvets, damasks, gold-threaded brocades, and embroidered silk.’
    • ‘The exact date and circumstances of Joseph's acquisition of the fauteuil are uncertain.’


French, from Old French faudestuel, from medieval Latin faldistolium (see faldstool).