Definition of fattening in English:



  • (of a food) causing an increase in the weight of someone who eats it.

    • ‘On offer are generous helpings of bacon, ham and other greasy, fattening fare - all the staples associated with traditional Anglo-American cuisine.’
    • ‘We can improve our physical health by taking more exercise and watching what we eat - more fruit and vegetables each day will be healthier and less fattening than fried foods and rich puddings!’
    • ‘Which is the most fattening of these holiday foods?’
    • ‘Experts say if people fill up on healthy foods recommended in the food pyramid, there will be less room for the fattening junk food that helps pack on the pounds.’
    • ‘The article speaks of ‘alcohol’ being fattening.’
    • ‘For example, beer with chips or nuts is a fattening combination.’
    • ‘Because I associated my favorite dishes with love and family in the past, I'm now learning to appreciate the people I care most about - without all the fattening food that has always come with them.’
    • ‘But hey, I'm sure it was less fattening than the jam doughnut milkshake I could have had.’
    • ‘That's largely due to making convenient but fattening diet choices.’
    • ‘Everyone else would get to go home and spend time with their families and eat lots of fattening food.’
    • ‘But others drink it as a less fattening alternative to cow's milk.’
    • ‘Currently, police spend much of the time on a stakeout engaged in idle conversation, eating fattening foods and dozing off.’
    • ‘The issue is that highly sugared foods tend not to have a lot of healthy nutrients and are often made with fattening butter and cream.’
    • ‘I read in the magazine that what makes bread fattening is the topping you put on it.’
    • ‘If I couldn't afford to spend as much money as I do, but also couldn't/didn't want to cook, I wouldn't really be able to avoid the really fattening stuff.’
    • ‘The North Indian liking for all things fat and fattening is well-known.’
    • ‘This year, why not shake things up by serving pumpkin that's not surrounded by a fatty, fattening crust?’
    • ‘Therefore carbohydrates themselves really are not fattening.’
    • ‘Along with larger portions of more fattening food, Americans have become increasingly sedentary over the last couple of decades.’
    • ‘Although it hardly sounds appealing, the steak, Guinness and mushroom pie is very tasty, very filling and very fattening.’
    • ‘Go through your kitchen and, in the box, place all the fattening foods you're rarely able to resist.’
    • ‘I suppose there's a kind of vicarious fantasy in watching someone else eat huge amounts of fattening foods in order to gain 30 pounds and win a contest.’
    • ‘And he was always raised on fried food and southern food, and it was very fattening.’
    • ‘But it is on the question of buns that he becomes most hot and cross, arguing that councillors' reliance on fattening chocolate biscuits is a potential health hazard.’
    • ‘This North African courgette salad is a healthy alternative to hummus, using far less olive oil and missing out fattening tahini paste.’
    • ‘They hold you hostage and feed you horrible fattening food you would never eat anywhere else.’
    • ‘Figuring out which foods are fattening is a popular subject in obesity research.’
    • ‘They're not ‘lured’ in for the playgrounds or happy meals or toys, they are lured in by their desire to eat very fattening and unhealthy food several times a week.’
    • ‘He describes insulin as ‘the fattening hormone’.’
    • ‘It's hard to find seriously fattening Japanese food.’
    • ‘When I think of a fattening food, lasagna is one of the first that comes to mind.’
    • ‘That was one thing that Angel loved about Summer, she always ate such fattening foods, but always had such a slender body.’
    • ‘According to this story from, the new salad can be more fattening than the burgers!’
    • ‘Fortunately our nice IT people made us a very fattening cake to welcome us to our new office.’
    • ‘In practical terms, it is only the protein element of a fattening ration that is relevant; and the main ingredients we use in the UK are maize gluten and soya.’
    • ‘The next step will be to pass out the highly fattening snack foods that everyone will claim they can't possibly eat.’
    • ‘I became vegetarian at about the age of 12, mostly because I found the idea of eating animals repulsive, but also to get me out of potentially fattening family and school dinners.’
    • ‘Potatoes are actually no more fattening than apples - it's how they're cooked and served that makes them fattening.’
    • ‘Instead, have a smaller portion of fattening foods.’
    • ‘In fact you'd be likely to save money - no expensive fattening meals out, fewer bottles of wine and beer consumed, and as for chocolate…?’
    expansion, growth, increase in size, extension, amplification, augmentation, topping up, building up, addition, supplementing
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