Definition of fatten in US English:



  • with object Make or become fat or fatter.

    ‘he could do with some good food to fatten him up’
    no object ‘These cattle fatten up quickly’
    figurative ‘this may fatten their profits’
    • ‘There's no reason you have to help huge, bajillionaire companies fatten up their bank accounts.’
    • ‘Is it inconceivable that some mergers may have been instigated and consummated in order to fatten up major credit unions in readiness for demutualisation?’
    • ‘Plus, he points out that the by-product of alcohol production from corn is a highly concentrated and nutritious feed with which we can fatten up our livestock.’
    • ‘In fact, he put off starting college until he was 21 just so he could fatten up his bank account a bit.’
    • ‘As inflamed Guatemalans see it, foreign investors will fatten up on tourist dollars while locals will be stuck cleaning hotel rooms.’
    • ‘But the restaurant industry seems to be locked in a horse race to fatten up our bellies and our arteries.’
    • ‘I have most of the things I will need already (worm treat to fatten up the worms because fat worms eat more, lime mix to keep the acidity level appropriate etc).’
    • ‘The list of improvements is solid, with no added fluff just to fatten up the release.’
    • ‘Why should a chief executive with just three to four years to run in the job - and many of them have no more than that - fatten up the corporation for the benefit of his successor?’
    • ‘But can the world's No. 1 food colossus fatten up its profits as it slashes costs?’
    • ‘The Hakka have a tradition of holding contests to fatten up pigs for sacrifice. This year the winning pig topped out at 720 kg.’
    • ‘It's a key producer of lysine, a feed additive derived from amino acids that is mixed with corn and soybean meal to fatten up livestock.’
    • ‘The farm, which would breed and fatten up to 150,000 hogs annually for slaughter, would have made the facility one of Alberta's largest hog operations.’
    make fat, make fatter, feed up, feed, build up
    put on weight, gain weight, get heavier, grow fat, grow fatter, get fat, flesh out, fill out
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