Definition of fatness in US English:



  • 1The state or quality of having a large amount of excess flesh.

    ‘there is a widespread popular belief that adult fatness begins in childhood’
    • ‘Skin-fold thickness may lead to an overestimation of body fatness.’
    • ‘At the statistical extremes of thinness and fatness, there's no question that weight has some relevance.’
    • ‘European culture has defined both fatness and thinness as healthy at various times in its history.’
    • ‘Sufferers of anorexia did not say, however, that they were driven by a morbid fear of fatness.’
    • ‘During childhood, increasing fatness was related to increased risk of coronary heart disease, particularly in those who were initially thin.’
    • ‘There's a clear relationship between increasing fatness and increasing blood pressure.’
    • ‘The data reflects national differences in fatness.’
    • ‘For weight lifters, some athletes, or individuals with very high muscle mass, the BMI may not be a good indicator of fatness.’
    • ‘The stigma society places on being overweight may create an awareness of fatness in those individuals who deviate from the thin ideal.’
    • ‘I feel very sorry for the guy, but he really has disabled himself by his fatness.’
    plumpness, stoutness, heaviness, largeness, chubbiness, portliness, rotundity, flabbiness, paunchiness, dumpiness, meatiness
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  • 2informal The quality of being substantial, especially financially.

    ‘the fatness of their bank account’
    ‘ought not the job be more important than the fatness of the pay check?’
    • ‘He particularly liked the fatness of June's account and he raised no question as to where the money was coming from.’
    • ‘There is a positive correlation between the size of one's waistline and the fatness of one's bank account.’
    • ‘Emaciation of body does not of necessity mean fatness of soul.’
    • ‘For a poor and graceless scribbler to feel some degree of envy at the "plenteous fatness" of Mr. H.'s purse is extremely natural.’
    • ‘With economic fatness trumping everything else - including truth, integrity, egalitarianism - the party was returned with an increased majority in the House of Representatives and control of the Senate.’