Definition of Fatimid in US English:



  • A member of a dynasty which ruled in parts of northern Africa, Egypt, and Syria from 909 to 1171, and founded Cairo as its capital in 969.

    • ‘Founded by the Fatimids in 969; Fatimid Cairo contains al-Azhar, the renowned Islamic university.’
    • ‘In revenge, the Fatimids sent thousands of Arab tribesmen to lay waste the country.’
    • ‘The Fatimids in Egypt were falling apart in the 1150s.’
    • ‘In particular, they wanted to take Jerusalem, the city of Jesus Christ, away from the Islamic Fatimids who were ruling it.’
    • ‘This marks the beginning of the Fatimid dynasty, which eventually was based at Cairo, though the Fatimids conquered much of North Africa as well.’


  • Relating to the Fatimids.

    • ‘He came to Egypt in 1168 as an assistant to his uncle, who was a general and then became the vizier of the last Fatimid caliph.’
    • ‘Cairo is an unequalled treasure house of Islamic architecture displaying distinguished Mameluke, Ottoman and Fatimid edifices.’
    • ‘Local administration continued with little change, and the country's prosperity is reflected in the richness of Fatimid art and architecture.’
    • ‘The architecture is Fatimid, bearing resemblance to buildings in Cairo.’
    • ‘A prolific writer, al-Kirmani was one of the most learned Ismaili theologians of the Fatimid times.’


From Arabic Fāṭima (see Fatima, from whom the dynasty is said to descend) + -id.