Definition of fatberg in US English:



  • A very large mass of solid waste in a sewage system, consisting especially of congealed fat and personal hygiene products that have been flushed down toilets.

    ‘repairs on 20 meters of damaged pipe affected by the fatberg started on Monday’
    • ‘The water company is still unable to say when its 'fatberg' works will be finished despite all the goo being pumped out last month.’
    • ‘The fatberg was removed by workmen using high-pressure water jets.’
    • ‘You have to wonder how many fatbergs are living under the streets of other cities.’
    • ‘The fatberg underneath Oxford is not the first of its kind.’
    • ‘Nevin, of the water service, said the fatberg was a build-up of inappropriate materials put into the sewer network.’
    • ‘The fatberg was found in a Kingston sewer, by Thames Water, after residents complained that they couldn't flush their toilets.’
    • ‘Fatbergs, lost rivers and a ghostly sense of danger - there's more to London's sewers than meets the nose, says McKay.’
    • ‘While fatbergs are clogging in sewer systems in cities around the world, they have also been identified as a source of fuel.’
    • ‘The fatberg had been clogging London's sewers and was dangerously close to flooding the streets with raw waste.’
    • ‘Last year, the utility company found a fatberg the length of a Boeing 747 beneath Shepherd's Bush in west London.’


Early 21st century: from fat and iceberg.