Definition of fatalistically in US English:



  • See fatalistic

    • ‘She suffers a needle-stick injury from an HIV-positive patient, which she fatalistically leaves untreated.’
    • ‘No matter what happens in nature or in the life of man and society, fatalistically minded people usually say, "What must be will be".’
    • ‘Two veiled women stare passively and fatalistically through the lens.’
    • ‘Sexual abuse within the context of marriage may be fatalistically tolerated among some communities.’
    • ‘It's about people who have come to so undervalue their own life that ruinous behavior seems unimportant and death is accepted fatalistically.’
    • ‘What is certain is that we have a choice, and there is no reason for yielding fatalistically to the worst-case scenarios.’
    • ‘"If something isn't done, then it won't matter anyway," she replied, fatalistically.’
    • ‘These people, they think, will fatalistically accept any snub.’
    • ‘But he was completely cool, puffing fatalistically on a cigarette.’
    • ‘"Our species is unable to learn from its mistakes," he rejoins, fatalistically.’