Definition of farthermost in English:


(also furthermost)


  • (of an edge or extreme) at the greatest distance from a central point or implicit standpoint.

    ‘the pitch broke sharply over the farthermost part of the strike zone’
    • ‘The central open-air market is the heart of the city, pumping an assortment of useless bric-a-brac and expensive marionettes out to its furthermost reaches, and generally keeping the tourist cash flowing.’
    • ‘Pushing herself a bit more, she drew even with the furthermost behind of them, then the next and the one after that.’
    • ‘While divers do venture to offshore reefs beyond the furthermost point of Cornwall, they sometimes forget that there is more of the British Isles to come, some 28 miles further south-west.’
    • ‘Obviously, there are many more partner stretches which can be carried out to help you achieve the furthermost position in each stretch.’
    • ‘Also without any amplifications when you stand in the center of the Theater and even whisper, the sound can reach the farthermost corner of the seat without any electronic amplification.’
    • ‘I cannot rest until I am alone in the farthermost edge, wedge, ledge of the shop, great or small, lying along the skirting board, legs propped, reading.’
    • ‘Strange, I observed; as toilet etiquette dictates that the furthermost cubicles are occupied first.’
    • ‘In my room he was curled into the farthermost corner with his knees brought up to his chest.’
    • ‘When he'd awakened by the stream, his bare feet were muddy but unmarked, yet by the time he found his car still discreetly parked in the furthermost part of the institute's immense parking lots, they were bruised and scratched.’
    • ‘It took me about fifteen minutes to find it in the farthermost part of the greenhouse.’
    • ‘He led them to the furthermost edge of the room - before them stretched five doors, each inscribed with their names; they looked at one another with tired, surprised eyes, but they didn't try and discover any more.’
    • ‘They are farmers and herders on a windswept rock at the furthermost reaches of the world.’
    • ‘When the light we see today left the farthermost quasars, the earth and the solar system had not yet been born.’
    • ‘He rode the bike at speed along the platform, stopping only at the furthermost bench, where he dismounted, to sit.’
    • ‘On Friday we took a catamaran out to the furthermost point on the Great Barrier Reef to do some snorkeling and tour the reef in a submarine. Words cannot do the trip justice. It was everything you might imagine it would be.’
    • ‘We hosted, assisted and were entertained by scientific minds that were exploring the furthermost limits of knowledge in their particular fields of study.’
    • ‘There was a large, ornately carved chair at the farthermost end of the table.’
    • ‘Visually elaborate, the film brings us to the furthermost bounds of fantasy and horror.’
    • ‘The victim apparently tried to escape from the attic fire by crawling toward the furthermost point from the chimney, where a cubbyhole might have provided an exit.’
    • ‘Then measure the gap between the rule and the wall at what would be the furthermost point of the shelf location.’
    furthest, farthest, furthermost, farthest away, furthest away, extreme, very, utmost, outermost, aftermost, endmost, ultimate, final, last, terminal, remotest
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