Definition of farther in US English:


(also further)

  • used as comparative of far


  • 1At, to, or by a greater distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing or person is or becomes distant from another)

    ‘the farther away you are from your home, the better you should behave’
    figurative ‘his action pushes Haiti even farther away from democratic rule’
    • ‘He pushed his glasses farther up onto his nose, a nervous habit that Justin was forever teasing him about.’
    • ‘At the lead of the column was Sir Ian Healn, and with every stride, his horse Ladyfoot was pushing just a little farther ahead.’
    • ‘I let her run away and when the sounds of her footfalls were farther off in the distance, I made my way silently to the edge.’
    • ‘She pushed herself farther into the corner hoping he wouldn't see her.’
    • ‘Slowly I pushed the doors open farther, and they spread out before us.’
    • ‘Our results confirm this movement and extend the migration distance considerably farther.’
    • ‘Distant galaxies turned out to be even farther away than their recession speed had seemed to indicate.’
    • ‘This is because low frequencies have longer wavelengths and can travel farther distances.’
    • ‘How about Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and, to a farther extent, China, Korea and Japan?’
    • ‘The larger swings in the arrival rate push the system farther away from its initial equilibrium in both directions.’
    • ‘He can free me from the ice consuming me, but he keeps walking farther away into the distance with his warmth.’
    • ‘The main frustration is that every cycle, every four years, we get pushed farther and farther away from the candidate.’
    • ‘He pulled out a piece of paper and frowned, stuffing it back in and pushing his hand farther down into the contents of the drawer.’
    • ‘Annoyed, she took the time to push her glasses farther down over her nose so that she could glare at the man standing there.’
    • ‘I nodded wordlessly and pushed my hair farther in front of my face.’
    • ‘Rocky shook his head and reached out to push the bag farther from him.’
    • ‘At farther distances, the array loses its tight vertical-pattern control.’
    • ‘As temperatures rise, their range will be pushed farther north and they'll become more susceptible to fire.’
    • ‘And as she drew farther away in the distance, it seemed truer than ever before.’
    • ‘Do not try to clear the throat with your finger because you might push the obstruction even farther down the windpipe.’
  • 2Over a greater expanse of space or time; for a longer way.

    ‘the stream fills the passage, and only a cave diver can explore farther’
    figurative ‘people were trying to get their food dollars to go farther’
    • ‘Each day she insisted on forcing herself to walk around the clearing for as long as she could, always pushing herself to go farther.’
    • ‘It is fun to hear them pushing themselves farther than ever before.’
    • ‘Can we go much farther on this issue in exploring his thinking?’
    • ‘Your dollars will go farther if you are selective in your markets, and focus on those who can spread the word for you.’
    • ‘But the truth is that they're an example of applied technology enabling athletes to push farther.’
    • ‘They are beginning to be difficult to control and are pushing the party farther to the right than the country can accept.’
    • ‘Still, we will move farther and farther outward because we are culturally dedicated to exploring space.’
    • ‘They decided to clean up, relax for the rest of the day and go exploring farther ashore, while Sun and Bay smiled and looked happy with the choice.’
    • ‘Investors who think the dollar has farther to fall have been pouring money into foreign stocks and bonds.’
    • ‘Adrenaline flooded my system, pushing my limits further, pushing myself farther.’
    • ‘And I think they helped push this story farther than it might have gone otherwise.’
    • ‘But none of those outstanding artists has pushed hip hop farther out than them.’
    • ‘For that, you need to push yourself a step or two beyond what you thought you could do - and then push a little farther.’
    • ‘She had wanted to swim and explore farther, but she didn't know it was night.’
    • ‘For more restless folk, it might mean artistic ventures and explorations farther afield.’
    • ‘How much farther could Scott push this charade without outright lying?’
    • ‘Harder, she pushed herself harder and harder until her body shook with exertion and even then she pushed herself farther.’
    • ‘For those with the courage and creativity to think bigger and push farther, the future is most certainly now.’
    • ‘That those folks pushed the boundaries much farther and wrote better songs is further trouble for these young Turks.’
    • ‘Loyalty programs that offer flexible earning and redemption policies are a great way to make travel dollars go farther.’


  • 1More distant in space than another item of the same kind.

    ‘the farther side of the mountain’
    • ‘The door on the farther side of the room was the door to a balcony that had a table and a set of folding stairs leading to the pool.’
    • ‘But even they could not stamp it out entirely in the farther reaches of their empires.’
    • ‘One of the horses near the head of the train shifted and snorted, skittering nervously to the farther side of the road.’
    • ‘He was heading to the farther, darker side of Tokyo - didn't he realize that?’
    • ‘Amy stated this flatly, and started to go towards the bolted door at the farther side of the room.’
    1. 1.1 More remote from a central point.
      ‘the farther stretches of the diocese’
      • ‘You'll also be able to stretch to a farther point as you become more flexible.’
      • ‘It cut into the side home as one strolls through Pudong's farther reaches.’
      • ‘The academic misadventure was forging a specialist in the farther reaches of stress.’


Traditionally, farther and farthest were used in referring to physical distance: the falls were still two or three miles farther up the path. Further and furthest were restricted to figurative or abstract senses: we decided to consider the matter further. Although farther and farthest are still restricted to measurable distances, further and furthest are now common in both senses: put those plants the furthest from the window