Definition of farmyard in US English:



  • A yard or enclosure attached to a farmhouse.

    • ‘Permitted visitors should be asked to park cars/vehicles in the residential area of the farm away from the farmyard itself.’
    • ‘A strong emphasis of the judging will be on litter control in the farmyard, farm entrances, fields and watercourses.’
    • ‘The entrance to the impressive private residence and farmyard opposite the Gorragh Bridge was praised.’
    • ‘Flowers and shrubs are used with great effect to enhance the farmhouse and farmyard.’
    • ‘Caryatids hold up the entrance to a barn and the former farmyard is littered with modern sculpture.’
    • ‘It is part of the farmyard attached to the estate of the former Lord Clarina.’
    • ‘The judges were very impressed by the well-kept farm entrance and the high quality of buildings around the farmyard.’
    • ‘The bloke has done some job converting their garden into a little farmyard.’
    • ‘The property also includes a stable yard and farmyard.’
    • ‘Viewed from a distance through binoculars, the farm buildings were hidden in places by scaffolding and there were heaps of building materials visible all over the farmyard.’
    • ‘It seems to me that the vehicular access route across the farmyard and the re-organisation of the farmyard could be determined with further negotiations.’
    • ‘He also urged farmers to regularly inspect drains and watercourses downstream of the farmyard once silage making begins.’
    • ‘Locally, it may be expected not only in gardens, but also in farmyards, sand-dunes, thickets, hedgerows and woodlands.’
    • ‘To be sure, there was a gender division of labour: for example, in agriculture women worked in the farmyard and sold produce at the local market, while men ploughed the fields and dealt in livestock at fairs.’
    • ‘The disappearance of chickens in many farmyards and back gardens must have reduced the availability of food.’
    • ‘The farmyard is covered with houses now, and the fruit trees blew down in storms a couple of years ago.’
    • ‘The protesters, who have been talking about repeating the exercise this Wednesday, should keep their tractors in the farmyard.’
    • ‘Bluebirds may also choose to nest in farmyards, feed lots and other areas where humans and cattle are found together.’
    • ‘Many renovated their farmyards and erected new livestock housing and waste storage facilities to comply with the stringent standards that is required to participate in the scheme.’
    • ‘They turned the field into a farmyard - complete with poultry, geese, rabbits, dogs and quad bikes.’
    • ‘The surest way to do this on a modern farm is to keep children out of farmyards or where there are other dangers such as livestock.’
    • ‘On the left hand side of the farmyard stood a fifties-built bungalow with a neat front lawn and potted geraniums on the porch.’
    • ‘They are located at one end of the farmyard and are used for the purposes of a milking parlour, dairy, calf shed and granary.’
    • ‘It can take up to a year to reopen paths across farmyards of formerly infected farms.’