Definition of farmworker in US English:



  • A person employed to work on a farm.

    • ‘Agricultural pesticides may be applied by farmworkers or growers to reduce infestations of insects or rodents.’
    • ‘Approximately 30 percent of farmworkers migrated over the course of the summer.’
    • ‘Still later, social reformers found ample material to photograph in California - from migrant farmworkers to unemployed factory workers.’
    • ‘There are generally no other jobs available for unemployed farm workers in a rural area.’
    • ‘In the nineteenth century, there was a regular pattern of seasonal migration of farm workers from Ireland to Britain.’
    • ‘Female farmworkers ' access to housing often is dependent on their relationship to male farmworkers.’
    • ‘For migrant farmworkers, health conditions are even worse.’
    • ‘In stripping farm workers of any union rights, the Tories claimed to be defending the traditional family farm.’
    • ‘There are an estimated 600,000 to 1 million farm workers in California.’
    • ‘Farm workers receive the lowest wages of any sector in the country.’
    • ‘During early summer of 1999, interviewers recruited farmworkers at 36 housing sites.’
    • ‘The research was intended to make a contribution to validating the cultural citizenship of farmworkers in the U.S.’
    • ‘Some farm workers make about $6.50 an hour picking apples.’
    • ‘She was born to migrant farm workers from Mexico.’
    • ‘The Safety Statement also includes safe farming procedures that must be applied by all farm workers for each task on the farm.’
    • ‘Among the farm workers welcoming the weather was Paul Wainwright, of Holtby, near York.’
    • ‘The morning jolt of mariachi comes from Radio Bilingue, one of the nation's only public radio stations aimed at farmworkers.’
    • ‘Thousands of farm workers, mainly Spanish-speaking migrants, have been laid off.’
    • ‘The risk of pesticide exposure among farmworkers is well established.’
    • ‘On that day in October, our research agenda was to document some of the variable housing conditions of farmworkers in different labor camps.’