Definition of fare-thee-well in US English:


(also fare-you-well)


in phrase to a fare-thee-well
  • To perfection; thoroughly.

    ‘the inn is touristy to a fare-thee-well’
    • ‘One can say that, of all early African American authors, Phillis Wheatley - along with Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass - would be the most in danger of being studied to a fare-thee-well.’
    • ‘The desserts seem steadier, although they, too, succumb to major-league busyness, being garnished and furbelowed to a fare-thee-well.’
    • ‘Unit by unit, province by province, border by border, dust speck by dust speck, I dissected that position to a fare-thee-well.’
    • ‘It is a concept that disintegrates upon close examination, as recent studies demonstrate to a fare-thee-well.’
    • ‘For the price of an entrée, she serves up all the splendors and miseries of restaurant life prepared to a fare-thee-well.’
    • ‘Boiled crawfish are in season now, and Sassy does an interesting variant - sending out enormous heaps of the crimson creatures that have not been seasoned to a fare-thee-well, so that all you can taste is hot pepper and salt.’
    • ‘Piracy and illegal downloads, although covered to a fare-thee-well in the press, account for only a fraction of the drop in money.’
    • ‘They played these characters to a fare-thee-well back in the fabulous 1939 movie.’
    • ‘Modern scholars tend to picture Eden as a formal garden in the Mesopotamian style, irrigated to a fare-thee-well.’
    • ‘They suited her to a fare-thee-well, and her excellent pianist and the violist, too.’
    • ‘He knows his craft and the tradition to a fare-thee-well, but his good taste seems to stop him from taking necessary risks.’
    • ‘Many feel that unless they can trace their roots back to a fare-thee-well, they have no value.’
    • ‘Once the interior has been optimized, package protected and planned to a fare-thee-well, however, the job is only half done.’
    • ‘‘That's what you get to when you recognize that you're part of an industry that's high power and successful, but at the same time, overcapacitated to a fare-thee-well,’ says he.’
    • ‘His painting adorns everything and has been art postered to a fare-thee-well.’
    • ‘An entrée of sliced duck breast, pan-sautéed with crushed black pepper, was black-peppered to a fare-thee-well, so that no other flavors had a chance.’
    • ‘Blasted weather got the roads mucked up to a fare-thee-well!’
    • ‘By the next day, the roast has been mercifully festooned with vegetables and potted to a fare-thee-well… the way God intended it to be.’
    • ‘What's more, all modern polls are weighted to a fare-thee-well to ensure that the demographics of the poll sample are close to the demographics of the country as a whole.’
    • ‘All performed as though they had been rehearsed to a fare-thee-well.’
    superbly, superlatively, excellently, flawlessly, faultlessly, to perfection, without fault, ideally, wonderfully, marvellously, magnificently, sublimely, admirably, inimitably, incomparably, impeccably, immaculately, exquisitely, consummately
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