Definition of far left in US English:

far left


the far left
  • The extreme left wing of a political party or group.

    ‘any opposition to her candidacy will come from the far left’
    • ‘He declared that "the far left has reduced anti-war protest to absurdity, not to say ignominy."’
    • ‘The divisions between the far right and the far left are so deep and wide as to be unbridgeable.’
    • ‘The far left is weaker than it has been in decades.’
    • ‘Just as much hate and intolerance comes from the far left, and it makes me ill.’
    • ‘Ironically, the far left's hostility to EU expansion and reform is shared by Europe's far right.’
    • ‘Groups on the far Left, led by the radicals, were in full cry, demanding thorough investigation of the scandal.’
    • ‘The campaign has brought both the far left and the far right together in an unusual marriage of convenience.’
    • ‘One result was his firm turn to the far left in politics.’
    • ‘Many on the far left believed it possible to move on immediately from collective ownership to full national ownership.’
    • ‘Student societies invite controversial people from the far left and far right to generate debate, especially at the beginning of term.’


  • Belonging to or representing the views of the extreme left wing of a political party or group.

    ‘far left members of the party’
    ‘his radical far left policies’
    • ‘Didn't the press used to treat him as an interesting, quirky but fairly far left figure?’
    • ‘He insisted on saying that he was for the Communist party, while I was far-left.’
    • ‘And who knew there were so many far-right or far-left books?’
    • ‘The party will never win until they get rid of the far left ideology.’
    • ‘A woman called New York's far-left talk-radio station WBAI in support of a protest march.’
    • ‘It's a far-left organization with emphasis on gay rights.’
    • ‘I wasn't politically as far left as everybody else at the magazine.’
    • ‘I couldn't care less whether that dictator's political bent is far-left or far-right.’
    • ‘Some of the far-left intelligentsia help to fuel the hostility, at least in academia.’
    • ‘I have friends who are outrageously radical conservatives, and I have some far-left pinko friends.’