Definition of fantasist in US English:



  • A person who imagines or dreams about something desired.

    ‘a serial liar and fantasist who had boasted of many affairs’
    ‘a fantasist with delusions of grandeur’
    • ‘Like all fantasists, the young man lived in a world of his own.’
    • ‘He was effectively found guilty, not of being a terrorist, but of being a fantasist.’
    • ‘The defendant, who vigorously denies the claims, said the mother-of-two was a "fantasist" fuelled by a love of money.’
    • ‘Naturally the defence subjected all this to microscopic scrutiny, and sought to portray the accuser as a fantasist.’
    • ‘The company's spokesman has said sorry for suggesting the deceased man was a Walter Mitty fantasist.’
    • ‘He was himself a talented runner in his day, but "a bit of a fantasist" according to a national coach who remembers him.’
    • ‘There are continuing doubts about the reliability of his confession, and widespread suggestions that he might be a mentally ill fantasist.’
    • ‘He is just a fantasist and these absurd stories shouldn't be given any credibility.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the immutable laws of Fleet Street demanded that the paper's scoop be derided and its star witness dismissed as a fantasist.’
    • ‘This documented fact makes the writer's supposed statistic look like the wishful thinking of a fantasist.’