Definition of family court in English:

family court


  • A court of law that handles cases involving domestic issues such as divorce, child custody, etc.

    • ‘Men believe that family courts have become so unfair that in case of divorce, they will lose custody of their children and their ex will take them for all they're worth.’
    • ‘At the same time, he knows that if he takes his children he could be arrested for kidnapping and that the family courts would probably grant his wife custody, again leaving his children in harm's way.’
    • ‘The Law Reform Commission has also recommended that regional family courts should be set up to deal with divorce cases separately but this has not been implemented.’
    • ‘We are also expecting a ruling from a family court judge who has been asked to grant temporary custody to the great uncle with whom the boy has been living.’
    • ‘They go before a family court in order to win back custody of Boy, but their case is weakened when Jane accidentally lets slip that he's not their biological son.’