Definition of family-sized in English:


(also family-size)


  • Large enough to suit or satisfy a whole family.

    ‘there is plenty of space for a family-sized dining table’
    ‘a family-sized bucket of boneless chicken’
    • ‘House prices in Dublin have been driven up because of a shortage of family-sized homes in the city.’
    • ‘The scheme will accommodate 1,500 people in 650 high-quality, family-sized apartments on a former derelict warehouse site.’
    • ‘Mum's goody bag often contained a lethal mix of pork pies, cakes and family-sized packs of sweets.’
    • ‘After supper, she has a family-size bar of chocolate, a king-size chocolate bar, the remainder of the biscuits and two large bowls of cereal.’
    • ‘They need a roomy, family-sized car.’
    • ‘A half-eaten banana and family-sized bag of peanuts were left on the front seat.’
    • ‘This month alone, my cats have vanquished all manner of foes, from a wood pigeon to a terrier-Pekinese cross, to a family-sized bag of Kettle Chips.’
    • ‘Last night, I left a party around midnight and popped into a grocery store for two family-sized candy bars before hailing a cab.’
    • ‘I am not surprised that many people on an average income can no longer afford a family-sized car or a decent-sized house.’
    • ‘At the football ground a large camp has been set up, with family-sized tents.’
    • ‘A school, a park and some family-sized apartments are just what the overcrowded Westlake neighborhood has needed.’
    • ‘Prizes include a family-sized barbecue, a three-course meal for two at the Grouse pub and a luxury meat hamper.’
    • ‘In the 1950s, a 'family-sized' bottle of Coke was 26 ounces, while now a single-serve bottle is 20 ounces.’
    • ‘There is space for a family-sized breakfast table to the side of the kitchen.’
    • ‘There are two more double bedrooms and a family-sized bathroom at this level.’
    • ‘In more recent years, the huge, spindly, family-sized frame tents have largely given way to caravans and motorhomes.’
    • ‘Do these soft fruits come in family-sized packs?’
    • ‘Numerous family-size packs of crisps are discarded on the floor.’
    • ‘The proposed 720 properties would range from apartments to family-sized houses.’
    • ‘This room has been extended and is generously sized, with ample space for a family-sized dining table.’
    large, sizeable, of considerable size, substantial, considerable, great, huge, immense, enormous, extensive, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, mighty, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, epic, mountainous, megalithic, monstrous, brobdingnagian
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