Definition of falling star in US English:

falling star


  • A meteor or shooting star.

    • ‘The large meteors that resemble falling stars and leave a bright tail in their wake are called fireballs.’
    • ‘I've seen falling stars and meteors; and this was definitely a UFO.’
    • ‘He added that during the Leonid meteor showers, amateur astronomers were able to witness over 2,500 falling stars in total with the naked eye at Luchaogang, whereas those at the Observatory on Sheshan Hill only saw about 900.’
    • ‘They all looked up and then shielded their eyes away from the bright light as the falling star crashed into the earth.’
    • ‘But on the night of November 27, 1872, night-watchers were startled by a sudden and a very magnificent display of falling stars or meteors, of which there had been no previous forecast…’


falling star

/ˌfɔlɪŋ ˈstɑr//ˌfôliNG ˈstär/