Definition of faller in US English:



North American
  • A person who fells trees for a living.

    • ‘At one time, the company had its own in-house certified logging instructor who would ensure that the training needs of the 10 or more hand fallers were met.’
    • ‘We can hear the saws of the fallers, still cutting above rock cliffs on the steep mountainside.’
    • ‘We really stress the quality and log value to our crews, right from the faller in the woods to the loader operator at the sort, and if everyone does their part we get what we need for the mills.’
    • ‘One hand faller is still on staff to handle some of the larger trees in the steeper terrain, but almost all of the work is done with mechanized equipment.’
    • ‘How well these fallers buck the timber determines the efficiency of the whole operation.’