Definition of fall on deaf ears in US English:

fall on deaf ears


  • (of a statement or request) be ignored.

    • ‘But the protests and concerns seem to have fallen on deaf ears at the Scottish Prison Service.’
    • ‘Alas, her request fell on deaf ears - Alex and Tiffany were squabbling over a chair.’
    • ‘Despite the sincerity of such statements, many of the concerns seemed to fall on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Mr Anderson said: ‘Our requests are falling on deaf ears.’’
    • ‘They always ignored her when she walked by, Garcia said, and any requests for a meeting fell on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Paris was besieged and starved into submission and the French pleas for foreign intervention fell on deaf ears.’
    • ‘But his pleas fell on deaf ears as panic-stricken people moved towards the water.’
    • ‘His pleas fell on deaf ears as the jury took less then an hour to find him guilty.’
    • ‘Churchill's words that our war heroes gave their yesterdays for our todays have certainly fallen on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Unfortunately is would seem that our community pleas are falling on deaf ears.’
    • ‘I am sad to say that my plea fell on deaf ears, and I was denied opportunity to put this plan into action.’
    • ‘Par for the course, cries for change in the industry have fallen on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Mr Hemmingham has written two letters requesting a meeting with the Owls supremo but both have fallen on deaf ears.’
    • ‘But as far as I remember, he has always blamed me for the destruction of his bicycle, with my pleas for forgiveness falling on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Although the Queen chatted as she handed it over, Mr Carmichael admitted that her words had fallen on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Sadly, the requests often fall on deaf ears with some power brokers too wrapped up in their own interests to act on what is right.’
    • ‘I pleaded with them to close the park but my pleas fell on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Yet Ethiopia's earlier appeals for concessions to the ruling have fallen on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that it echoed the private cries of so many, it seems likely to land on deaf ears in the media and the political elite.’
    • ‘The crew spotted another ship and flagged it down, but pleas for food fell on deaf ears, so that the crew was once again near starvation.’