Definition of fall into step in US English:

fall into step


  • Change the way one is walking so that one is walking in step with another person.

    • ‘Interested, I fell into step behind them as they walked.’
    • ‘He fell into step beside me and we walked on in silence.’
    • ‘He fell into step beside me and took my hand as we walked to our classes.’
    • ‘‘Hey Jen,’ he says with a smile, and falls into step beside me as I walk down the hall to Calculus.’
    • ‘He slowly opened his eyes as he walked forward, falling into step beside his sister.’
    • ‘Nick waited for the rest of them to walk past him and fell into step with Crystal.’
    • ‘Christie nodded, and I fell into step beside her as we walked down the hallway.’
    • ‘Maria nodded slowly, and then fell into step beside us.’
    • ‘I started walking back up along the trail, and Butler fell into step beside me.’
    • ‘After school, he came up to me as I was walking home, and fell into step beside me.’