Definition of fall (or take) sick in US English:

fall (or take) sick


  • Become ill.

    • ‘Those who fall sick or complain about unfair treatment risk getting deported.’
    • ‘Lucknow in January is not the best place to fall sick in.’
    • ‘Today, Britain is the last place in Europe that any man or woman would want to fall sick,’ he said.’
    • ‘When they fall sick they have no option but to pay €38 to the doctor for a five-minute visit before being fleeced by the pharmacists, even if they have nothing more threatening than a cold.’
    • ‘Some of the children fall sick due to hazardous work but they are not offered treatment facilities.’
    • ‘Instead, they ordered two ships, including a destroyer, to trail the trawler on its three-week fishing trip to Iceland and to intercept any distress calls should a crew member fall sick.’
    • ‘Missing a key nutrient, an animal may fall sick, then appear to be cured when the missing compound is administered.’
    • ‘American hamburgers have been demonized in recent years when people across the USA fall sick from contaminated beef.’
    • ‘Religion plays a dominant role in daily life and the country's 5,000-odd Buddhist monks are often called for ceremonies on auspicious occasions such as house-warmings or when people fall sick.’
    • ‘If a team member should fall sick or suddenly not be able to compete, the alternate will fill the slot.’