Definition of fake bake in US English:

fake bake


  • The process of getting a sunless tan, as under sunlamps or by applying a sunless-tanning lotion.

    ‘they're advertising reasonable prices for fake bakes’
    • ‘One of the biggest style no-no's is the "fake bake," aka those secret visits to the tanning salon!’
    • ‘I am also apparently in dire need of a fake bake and some eye cream.’
    • ‘A fake bake is considered a relatively safe method of tanning and is free of the health risks that accompany exposure to ultraviolet rays.’


[no object]usually fake-bake
  • Get a sunless tan.

    ‘in the winter months, she likes to fake-bake about once a week’
    • ‘Sure, I bet you're going to tell me that's not his true natural olive skin and he fake-bakes.’
    • ‘Many girls decide to fake bake in tanning beds.’
    • ‘Most of them had to fake bake in tanning beds to get the look I got just hanging out on deck of my ship.’
    • ‘Are you repulsed every time you see someone who so blatantly "fake bakes" that their skin is a bright shade of orange?’