Definition of faith healer in US English:

faith healer


  • See faith healing

    • ‘And of course then they will go to different extremes than we would, they may go to a shaman, they may go to a faith healer looking for a way through this and to resolve the issue.’
    • ‘In Bradford we found the papers of a local faith healer from the 1930s, and even the letters and medals of the first Keighley soldier to die in World War One.’
    • ‘It is therefore forbidden to resort to any idolatrous faith healer or shrine, even when one is dangerously ill and a psychological cure may be effected.’
    • ‘The male lead character starts off as an angry man, in a marriage that is no longer working, but he undergoes a spiritual conversion after meeting a faith healer.’
    • ‘An international faith healer, who communicates with the spirit world and claims to have cured people of serious illness, will be available for consultation in Killarney at the weekend.’


faith healer

/ˈfeɪθ ˌhilər//ˈfāTH ˌhēlər/