Definition of fairylike in US English:



  • See fairy

    • ‘The fairylike flowers are the result of plants Taylor started a dozen years ago.’
    • ‘The tiny hairs creeping from my skin make me look as though I am dusted with copper and am somehow fairylike, elfin.’
    • ‘Driving back we got the same thrill we always do at seeing Butte at night… It is so fairylike with its twinkling lights and so startling in a black wilderness.’
    • ‘Comtesse de Bouchaud is a fairylike thing, with white petals edged lavender, delicately curled.’
    • ‘Please take a brief walk back in time with me, as I share with you a bit of history about the exquisite, fairylike Rocky Mountain columbine.’
    • ‘Ever watch the movies and you see the heroine swaying gently like a thin reed in the breeze, her hair all open and waving in a fairylike fashion.’
    • ‘Small fountains and courtyards drew her in; they seemed, in Guinevere's imagination, small pieces of another world; fairylike, ornate, and delicate.’