Definition of fairy shrimp in US English:

fairy shrimp


  • A small transparent crustacean which typically swims on its back, using its legs to filter food particles from the water.

    Order Anostraca, class Branchiopoda: many species, including brine shrimps

    • ‘Classified as phyllopods due to the leaf-like appearance of their legs, fairy shrimps ‘bloom’ in mineral-rich temporary ponds, reaching ridiculously dense concentrations.’
    • ‘Below the surface, scuba divers haunt Sund Rock Marine Preserve and Octopus Hole, where the world's biggest octopuses share the water with fairy shrimp, shellfish, and Dungeness crab.’
    • ‘Biologists have discovered the vernal pool fairy shrimp, a small freshwater crustacean already listed as threatened, in some of the vernal pools that are home to the plants.’
    • ‘One of the only two habitats for the fairy shrimp in Orange County is a vernal pool at Fairview park in Costa Mesa!’
    • ‘Endemic to Southern California, the San Diego fairy shrimp, Branchinecta sandiegonensis, has suffered tremendous habitat loss due to urban development and consequently is on the Federal endangered species list.’