Definition of fairish in US English:



  • See fair

    • ‘To his call of ‘Kharkov! ‘, on the other hand, a fairish, goodlooking man responded instead of the one he had meant.’’
    • ‘When my Dad was my age if his car broke down there was a fairish chance that he'd know to sort the problem out.’
    • ‘A fairish number of people have written or commented on this post to the effect that it's not true that the association is making money unfairly off the backs of young athletes; they get a very valuable education out of the thing.’
    • ‘I'm an MBA with a fairish background in the subject.’
    • ‘As to the discrepancies, Valerie Storie denied saying ‘light fairish hair’; she also denied ever saying that they had picked him up because they had not done so.’