Definition of fair game in US English:

fair game


  • A person or thing that is considered a reasonable target for criticism, exploitation, or attack.

    ‘when it came to practical jokes, he regarded anybody as fair game’
    • ‘I am aware that my job as an art critic makes me fair game - and I would not do it if I minded.’
    • ‘One minute we are presented as the pride of the nation, the next we're all fair game for criticism again.’
    • ‘You undermine the office if you do that, it really means that it's fair game for anybody to do it.’
    • ‘The state president, parliament and the judiciary are also regarded as fair game.’
    • ‘All subjects were fair game from gossip to sports, from crime to society balls.’
    • ‘After that it seemed Gina's methods were fair game and the barrage of criticism didn't stop.’
    • ‘We informed him that as a politically active person, he was putting himself out in the public eye and was fair game for the cameras.’
    • ‘You know, let me say it is fair game to point out that he had a troubled past.’
    • ‘They became fair game for everybody to criticise at school.’
    • ‘As the law now stands, poles of most descriptions are fair game for posterers, but other surfaces are illegal.’


fair game

/fɛ(ə)r ɡeɪm/