Definition of fair-to-middling in US English:



  • Slightly above average.

    ‘she manages to capitalize on some fair-to-middling material’
    • ‘It's a long and fascinating document, currently existing entirely within square brackets, that does a fair-to-middling job of convincing me that the world could be a better place if there were more cables running through it.’
    • ‘I have bought PJ Harvey's Uh Huh Her, which deserves much better than the fair-to-middling reviews it's received.’
    • ‘With $41 million-odd in the pocket he should have a fair-to-middling retirement when he departs in August.’
    • ‘And bouncing up the stairs to his second-floor lair, Williamson seems awfully fit for a tipsy man of fair-to-middling age.’
    • ‘I can report that she has fair-to-middling technique with an over-reliance on the toe-punt rather than the instep.’
    • ‘My only reservation would be in considering the fair-to-middling quality of the print, which will bother anyone who likes a crisp, colorful image.’
    • ‘An outstanding long-range sniper, Jacobsen has only a fair-to-middling off-dribble game and plays very little defense.’
    • ‘He is also honest enough to acknowledge that he prefers to be away from reminders of his fair-to-middling place in cinema hierarchy.’
    • ‘I am a fair-to-middling player and lasted a respectable 38 moves, but I can't claim Hydra was ever sweating.’
    • ‘And if they do, I think there's a fair-to-middling chance that it will go to the Supreme Court, where it will be overturned.’