Definition of fade-out in US English:



  • 1A filmmaking and broadcasting technique whereby an image is made to disappear gradually or the sound volume is gradually decreased to zero.

    • ‘This is where Solas should have ended, with a slow fade-out on Mother's image.’
    • ‘Primitive - and thus charming - special effects include the early use of lap dissolves (the double-exposure of a fade-out over a fade-in) to create magical transformation scenes.’
    • ‘Average sound quality and rapid fade-outs characterise the record.’
    • ‘The film's first shot, following the old-style Shochiku logo, shows a train traveling from left to right, shot low-angle, ending on a slow fade-out.’
    • ‘Also, we see the same post-song fade-outs here, eradicating the applause and appreciation of the crowd after every number.’
    peter out, taper off, tail off, dwindle, deteriorate, decline, wane, fade, fade away, fade out, give in, give up, give way, crumble, disintegrate, collapse, slump, go downhill, draw to a close, subside
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    1. 1.1 A gradual and temporary loss of a broadcast signal.
      ‘radio fade-outs’
      • ‘The fact that the signal strength doesn't drop during the fade outs indicates to me that it's not an antenna problem, but I'm no expert.’



/ˈfād ˌout//ˈfeɪd ˌaʊt/