Definition of faddish in English:



  • See fad

    • ‘It was generally the younger trendier folk, the ones who wander around in chocolate coloured trainers on dress-down Fridays, but this new faddish footwear had permeated my workplace without me noticing.’
    • ‘It's this faddish, award/attention-seeking approach to weblogs which marginalises the genre and popularises the growing media disdain for weblogging in general.’
    • ‘At the age of 18, after she appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue with a monk-like red crop and no eyebrows, she was dubbed ‘Le Freak’ and hailed as the frontrunner for a faddish new concept in beauty - the ugly model.’
    • ‘This rather faddish enthusiasm for Monet during the 1970s matured into the deep-rooted and near-universal approval that greets any mention of Monet's name today.’
    • ‘I became steeped in self-help books, psychology, psychotherapy, and all kinds of faddish treatments purporting to heal wounded souls.’