Definition of fact sheet in US English:

fact sheet


  • A sheet of paper giving useful information about a particular issue, especially one distributed for publicity purposes.

    • ‘A fact sheet said under the bill the locality or state would ‘lose any federal funds that would contribute in any way to the project the property would be taken for.’’
    • ‘The fact sheet will include information on what's available, how to apply and how the appointment process works.’
    • ‘This fact sheet says hydrogen's not explosive.’
    • ‘He declined, instead supplying a fact sheet and offering to answer any questions in writing.’
    • ‘The fact sheet concludes with a discussion of post-traumatic stress disorder.’
    • ‘A fact sheet, listing information and contact numbers for cocaine users and their parents is one option, and they are also considering whether Gemma's story could be reproduced and used in schools.’
    • ‘The agency is also considering bringing out a fact sheet to ensure impartial information is available.’
    • ‘The news service put out an article quoting the fact sheet without any sort of contradiction.’
    • ‘They can provide the answers first hand or give you a free fact sheet to take away.’
    • ‘The company provides a fact sheet available to all residents of the North Shore, outlining how property assessment works and the process for making an appeal.’
    • ‘To have a go at this design, pop into the pub from Monday where a fact sheet will be available outlining the basic requirements, including keeping the trees, adding railings and leaving a storage area for empty barrels.’
    • ‘Consumer calls were fielded by the registered dietitians at the milk company and requests for the consumer fact sheet continued well after the program went off-air.’
    • ‘The league compiled a fact sheet last year, apparently in response to media questions about the marital and engagement status of its players.’
    • ‘Maybe we could start from there - post disagreements with their fact sheet and we'll know where the knots are.’
    • ‘Dire though that would be, at least in four weeks time - at the earliest - you will have the fact sheet from Joe Jacob telling you how to deal with that.’
    • ‘There is more information about this in a consumer fact sheet produced by the regulator.’
    • ‘This is an extract from a fact sheet complied for the Multicultural Development Association by Brisbane City Council in September 2001.’
    • ‘Our fact sheet will help to set the council's consultation document into perspective.’
    • ‘Here is a fact sheet on Ebola… the symptoms and its origins.’
    • ‘This fact sheet offers some information, tips and suggestions to help make the return to work as smooth as possible for both you and your child.’


fact sheet

/ˈfæk(t) ˌʃit//ˈfak(t) ˌSHēt/