Definition of facing in US English:



  • 1A layer of material covering part of a garment and providing contrast, decoration, or strength.

    • ‘Cut the front and back pattern pieces from each fabric, eliminating the facings.’
    • ‘For a sheer handkerchief linen, rather than using interfacing on the facings, which would then show through and look unattractive, try doubling the front of the blouse entirely.’
    • ‘Repeat to sew the facing to the garment, turning the seam allowances out of the way of the lapel.’
    • ‘Now is the time to topstitch the facing down to the pocket, as shown in the diagram.’
    • ‘Place the facing and hem allowance right sides together, matching the clip marks.’
    • ‘This half-zip pullover features a nylon mesh lining zip-through contrast collar, seam forward pockets, adjustable tab cuffs with contrast facings, and elasticized bottom with side zip detail.’
    • ‘If the seamlines of the facing and garment don't match, don't force them.’
    • ‘Place the interfacing between the top fabric and the facing, and baste or fuse in place.’
    • ‘The upper section of the front facing that forms the lapel should also be slightly larger than the same area in the jacket to allow for turn of cloth.’
    • ‘I would definitely machine wash a handkerchief linen blouse and also a linen skirt, but I would never wash a linen jacket with set-in sleeves, facings, and collars.’
    • ‘If interfacing stability is needed to support areas such as collars and facings, use hair canvas or a medium - to heavyweight sew-in interfacing.’
    • ‘Cut the hem and neckline facings from contrasting opaque fabric.’
    • ‘Then sew ties or tabs to the right sides of the back pieces at the center back, sew the facings on top, and turn to the inside.’
    • ‘Instead of sleeves, finish the armhole with a narrow facing.’
    • ‘Try an inconspicuous place like a hem or facing if you don't have extra fabric.’
    • ‘Follow the pattern guidesheet to stitch the front to the back and to interface and construct the facing.’
    • ‘For the initial fitting, sew the garment shell only, leaving off the sleeves, collars, facings and other design details.’
    • ‘For the best results, apply a lightweight fusible interfacing to the facings and the upper collar.’
    • ‘Use it at the inside seam line that joins the facing and lining of a jacket, for an elegant finishing touch.’
    • ‘Make the same adjustment on the underarm facing for a sleeveless garment.’
    1. 1.1facings The cuffs, collar, and lapels of a military jacket, contrasting in color with the rest of the garment.
      • ‘Regiments designated as ‘Royal’ adopted blue facings, blue being another principal colour of British royal heraldry and of the national flag.’
      • ‘The meet took place at Chavenage House near Tetbury, and the Princess Royal was mounted on a bay horse and wore the traditional Beaufort outfit, a navy blue jacket with buff facings.’
      • ‘They wear a uniform - blouse and trousers - of a bright homespun material, without any facings, but with brass buttons and collar ornaments.’
      • ‘The tunics have white English County line regimental facings and the spiked helmets are the full dress types worn up until 1914.’
      covering, trimming, lining, interfacing, reinforcement, backing
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  • 2An outer layer covering the surface of a wall.

    • ‘Now it was a tangle of vines and trees, punctuated occasionally by stone facings buried in a sea of leaves.’
    • ‘Once trendy in upscale city buildings were the mirror-like window facings of many high-rises.’
    • ‘He became engrossed with the reflective surfaces of plate-glass windows, chrome and plastic facings of buildings and signs, and the flowing, mirror-like painted surfaces of car bodies.’
    • ‘With its facing of white Portland stone, copper-covered roof and flèche glittering with gold bands the chapel can be seen far across Stanley Park.’
    • ‘Finish ornamental stone facings and surfaces of concrete structural products.’
    • ‘Because the architects required a perfect tie hole grid, fake tie holes were drilled into the facing to achieve the required pattern.’
    • ‘The walls are concrete with stone facings and sandstone caps.’
    • ‘The design of the subways has not been completed, but they will likely be of steel, with concrete abutments, facings and deck.’
    • ‘The wall facings, which recall moucharaby harem screens, are made from old Indian grain chests.’
    • ‘Mindful of Ben Rhydding's new conservation area status, the developers have been careful to include design features like using local stone for wall facings and slate roofs to ensure they get planning approval.’
    • ‘Belgian fossil marble was used as a facing to the lower walls, Greek penalithic marble and Portland stone were used extensively elsewhere.’
    • ‘Norwich station has a fine frontage in red brick with dressed white stone on the facings and neo-classical fun on the upper windows.’
    • ‘The substantial walls, made of ashlar facings and rubble cores, can be up to 2 m. thick, and in places they have survived to a height of more than 2 m.’
    • ‘The roofs are slate, the walls are cedar shingles and facings are white.’
    • ‘The new plan seems set to create a much more significant development more in keeping with its surroundings, unlike the dirty Portland stone and marble facings and 1960s concrete-style structures it replaces.’
    • ‘It contains immense courtyards, terraces and stairways, and buildings decorated with golden roofs, vermilion columns and green, red and yellow facings.’
    • ‘The panels resemble the facings of typical office buildings - and the factory plans to customize the film coating depending on how opaque the architect wants the glass to be.’
    cladding, veneer, skin, decorative layer, protective layer, surface, facade, front, fronting, false front, coating, covering, dressing, overlay, revetment, paving, lamination, inlay, plating
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  • attributive Positioned with the front toward a certain direction; opposite.

    in combination ‘two large front-facing windows’
    ‘a book with Italian and English lyrics printed on facing pages’
    • ‘She pointed us to a banquette and Jimmy gave me the outward facing table.’
    • ‘It must be said that the sideways facing hard drive bays and trays make it significantly easier to install, adjust and remove the drives.’
    • ‘The first major and noticeable improvement is a forward facing camera in addition to the 1.3 megapixel camera on the back.’
    • ‘Starting at the front on the left hand side is the sideways facing front intake fan.’
    • ‘At first and second floors within these properties there are rear facing windows, and balconies at second floor level.’
    • ‘Children under seven are more likely to suffer serious injuries to their head and neck if they are wearing normal seat belts in a forward facing position’
    • ‘Sadly, this information is not on the facing pages of the catalog I got, but maybe it's hidden in the text somewhere.’
    • ‘I answer politely and sit primly down onto the facing armchair.’
    • ‘She found herself gazing off across a small backyard and onto the back of a facing house.’
    • ‘I will be painting the inside facing side of the acrylic to exploit a cool effect best illustrated by macro's project macro black.’
    • ‘I plant these in a semicircular drift around the birch and dogwoods, and bring them as close to the bench as possible because their downward facing flowers invite close inspection.’
    • ‘You need to look at car seats that convert from rear to forward facing and that you can use a booster seat when the child gets older.’
    • ‘This shakier hand has also written out a copy of the alphabet on the facing page in the manuscript.’
    • ‘While he writes normally with one hand, he produces a mirror image on the facing page with the other.’
    • ‘The center of the Institute for International Economics features a three-story atrium with a skylight serving up natural light to all the facing offices.’
    • ‘Take care not to cut too close to a bud; about a quarter of an inch above an outward facing bud, cutting down and away from the bud on a 45 degree angle.’
    • ‘I prodded the button with the downward facing arrow, and tapped my foot impatiently as the lift continued its journey to the 80th floor first before descending.’
    • ‘Indeed, Sheth has arranged the images in such a way that you see two different worlds on facing pages.’
    • ‘The portentous first page of text does not mention the artist, whose engraved image floats within an oval frame on the facing page.’
    • ‘People at a facing bus stop stood completely aloof.’
    • ‘Setting down her possessions in a corner, she strode over to the facing window and rested her elbows on the sill.’
    • ‘The result, when compared with the original on the facing page, is that we do not have a translation of the poem, but an interpretation of it.’
    facing, opposing
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