Definition of facial tissue in US English:

facial tissue


  • Tissue that is used to blow one's nose, contain a sneeze, etc.

    • ‘Chances are, when a critic tells readers to ‘Keep the Kleenex handy’ for a television show, he doesn't mean viewers will be inconsolable without the unique comforts of a Kleenex-brand facial tissue product.’
    • ‘We do everything from bathroom and facial tissue to health-care products.’
    • ‘Products like unscented facial tissues, low salt/no salt items and sugarless low-fat anything would sell here.’
    • ‘The new facial tissue will be available in August of this year, just in time for the cold and flu season.’
    • ‘Laser scanning systems in auto assembly plants are often referred to as the ‘Perceptron,’ almost in the way that facial tissues are often referred to as ‘Kleenex.’’
    • ‘So, most people here will admit to knowing a bit about branding, advertisements that over time cause you to associate certain items with specific manufacturers (Kleenex, rather than facial tissue etc).’
    • ‘There's a certain facial tissue company who use the imagery of a fuzzy yellow duckling to advertise how soft their product is.’
    • ‘Either pack facial tissues with you or visit a restroom to blow your nose in the privacy of your very own stall.’
    • ‘Half the world's commercial timber is needed to make paper products such as facial tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs, gift wrap paper, packaging, photocopy paper, newspapers, magazines and even holiday photos.’
    • ‘After 10 days, the two groups showed no difference in symptoms as reported by questionnaires and determined by ‘mucous weights’ of their used facial tissues.’
    • ‘Keep powdered facial tissues in your purse or pocket.’
    • ‘Hay, tissue paper, paper towels, facial tissue, and old socks make excellent nesting materials.’
    • ‘Other suggestions included supplying waterless hand sanitizers, germ-killing paper towels and facial tissues, and antimicrobial soaps and installing ultraviolet lamps in ventilation systems to kill germs and disinfect the air.’
    • ‘Sure you can buy facial tissues than cost less than Kleenex, but we still have a tendency to call all the tissue brands Kleenex don't we?’