Definition of facecloth in US English:



  • A washcloth.

    • ‘After using you simply throw the facecloth into an attendant basket.’
    • ‘Look for facecloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone.’
    • ‘The soap looked rough and small, obviously on its last legs and the facecloth, faded grey from too many washes, had seen better days.’
    • ‘She looked around to see a tall, silver skinny sets of shelves, a sink with a hairbrush and facecloth on it, just below a mirror, and in the corner like a bin, the chute.’
    • ‘This is a cute set of three large handmade 100% cotton crocheted facecloths with one 3.5 oz bar of peppermint-scented glycerin soap with shea butter.’
    • ‘They're Australian made and they're striking - what more can you say about this gift boxed face cloth and soap!’
    • ‘Both hand towel and facecloth are embroidered with a lavender and are available in colour set or mix the colours to suit yourself.’
    • ‘‘Here, wash your face,’ he was told as he was handed a facecloth, soap and towel.’
    • ‘Sit here on the couch and I'll get a facecloth and some bandages,’ Chases' mother said while striding off into her bathroom.’
    • ‘You will find a toothbrush, facecloth and a bar of soap in the top drawer of your table.’
    rag, dishcloth, floorcloth, wipe, sponge, duster
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