Definition of face powder in US English:

face powder


  • Flesh-tinted cosmetic powder used to improve the appearance of the face by reducing shine and concealing blemishes.

    • ‘The earring on the nose was gone and she had put on light make-up: lip-gloss and some face powder.’
    • ‘Who can stand more than a dusting of face powder and lip gloss when temperatures reach the high 90s during the summer?’
    • ‘Kaitlin takes out a compact from her black satin purse and starts applying some face powder.’
    • ‘Where Jamie's lips would have been slicked with simple chapstick, hers were covered in gloss, and her entire face seemed to glitter, the effect of the light striking off face powder.’
    • ‘Make-ups include vanishing cream, face powder, compressed powders, and cream makeup.’
    • ‘Ladies will make use of the mirror for putting-on lipstick, checking the mascara and face powder and tons of other things they do with their faces.’
    • ‘To give your lashes extra ‘oomph’, use eyelash curlers before applying mascara, or apply the tiniest amount of face powder to coat the lashes and thicken them before sweeping on the mascara.’
    • ‘We'd walk down to Ojai Avenue, stopping at Bill Baker's Bakery for bread, at the drugstore for a candy bar for me and, for my grandmother, face powder in a shocking pink jar.’
    • ‘Mrs Warburton was looking at her coldly from a great height, with a triple chin and those lines face powder couldn't conceal.’
    • ‘She tries in vain to reverse what is happening through the use of face powder and a powder puff, but with the knowledge that nothing can be done.’
    • ‘A little mascara and a dash of silver eyeshadow, then a touch of shimmery lip gloss and a quick brush of face powder and she was done.’
    • ‘Bismuth oxychloride, for example, is a lustrous white powder that is used in making face powder.’
    • ‘Pat on a little face powder then dust off the excess.’
    • ‘Items for the bathroom included perfume, face powder, aspirin, combs, razor blades, bobby pins, and other sundry items.’
    • ‘Over the last century face powder has undergone a revolution, but at times it still looked caked or floury on mature skin.’
    • ‘Mrs Dawson, the caretaker, was fat and comforting with a smell like face powder and lipstick.’
    • ‘She put the smaller case down next to an oak chest of drawers and a cheap white vanity unit, smeared with red lipstick and coated in face powder, cigarette ash and cat hairs.’
    • ‘This morning I showered, moisturised, selected a skirt, tried it on with a couple of tops, selected the right top, blow dried my hair, applied face powder, mascara and lipstick, put on my new skimpy sandals and made my way into work.’
    • ‘Heavy creams should be abandoned, face powder should be discarded, instead, a light dusting of bronzing powder should be brushed over the liquid foundation to set it and add a little extra glow.’
    • ‘A brush with a generous, dome-shaped head does double duty: Use it to apply blush or bronzer, then dust it off to apply your translucent face powder.’


face powder

/ˈfās ˌpoudər//ˈfeɪs ˌpaʊdər/