Definition of eyre in US English:



  • A circuit court held in medieval England by a judge (a justice in eyre) who rode from county to county for that purpose.

    ‘in 1221 six justices went on eyre (or circuit) in the western counties’
    • ‘This was the highest tribunal of the Forests, and the Chief Justice in Eyre, who presided at it, was at the head of this division of the English legislature.’
    • ‘Most of these cases are from the records of the Eyre Court of Oxfordshire in 1241.’
    • ‘The sheriffs performed much the same duties as their English counterparts, while judicial eyres administered justice, at least for the English settlers.’
    • ‘The only sources perused systematically were the English eyre rolls, which gives, not surprisingly, a distinctly English flavor to his analysis.’


Middle English: from Old French eire, from Latin iter ‘journey’.