Definition of eyepatch in English:



  • A patch worn to protect an injured eye.

    • ‘On Sunday, the flags and fireworks were replaced with eyepatches and parrots, as hundreds of pirates arrived for a picnic.’
    • ‘One had an eyepatch, his other eye reddened and bloodshot, tired looking, as if he wanted to go home to his wife and take a bath.’
    • ‘My solution is this: I'm going to start wearing an eyepatch.’
    • ‘He is piratical in appearance (he lost an eye in a road accident when driving in the UK to visit the artist Peter Blake) and wears a black eyepatch.’
    • ‘Maybe I should shave my head and wear an eyepatch.’
    • ‘‘A friend of mine had an eyepatch because his eye swelled up after cutting some onions,’ he offers, by way of explanation.’
    • ‘His left eye was covered with a black eyepatch, giving him a roguish look.’
    • ‘Will he take to wearing an eyepatch like a pirate?’
    • ‘On the far wall there was a painting of a gargantuan man wearing a black eyepatch.’
    • ‘His most distinguishing feature, however, was a black eyepatch that crossed his forehead and covered his left eye.’
    • ‘Dickerson finally returned, ten minutes later, sporting an eyepatch and a Band-Aid.’
    • ‘I can see Alexander's broken face look out the window, away from me as he pulls on an eyepatch over his mishapened eye.’
    • ‘Red watched as a short, stocky woman walked over, one of her eyes obscured by an eyepatch.’
    • ‘The obvious leader of the group was a tall male with an eyepatch, holding a gleaming long sword.’
    • ‘He wore an eyepatch over the left eye and a scar was visible on his left cheek.’
    • ‘He paused to lift his eyepatch and stare at the politician with both good eye and bad.’
    • ‘His medical eyepatch had been replaced with a more fun looking one, a black one with the hammer and sickle.’
    • ‘Later, at the moment when everything is admiration, Sammy removes his eyepatch and sends it flying into the crowd.’
    • ‘One of three siblings, her childhood was plagued by illnesses which left her with double vision and an eyepatch, and prone to hallucinations and visions.’
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