Definition of eyebright in US English:



  • A small plant of the figwort family with flowers resembling snapdragons. Found in dry fields and along roadsides, it was formerly used as a remedy for eye problems.

    Genus Euphrasia, family Scrophulariaceae: several species, in particular the European E. officinalis and the North American E. americana

    • ‘The herb eyebright is a good solution; its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties will soothe your tired eyes.’
    • ‘For runny eyes and to dry the sinuses, eyebright (euphrasia officinalis) is used.’
    • ‘If you suffer from hay fever, the herb eyebright is a ‘phenomenal ‘solution, Winston says.’’
    • ‘If eyes are teary, burning and also swollen, Euphrasia, an extract of the herb eyebright, is a good choice.’
    • ‘But the sight that I'll treasure is that tiny eyebright, the size of a large pinhead, and nature at its most dazzling.’