Definition of exurbia in English:



  • The exurbs collectively; the region beyond the suburbs.

    • ‘Disinvestment in central cities has been coupled with the conversion of roughly one million acres of farmland each year as Americans further expand the reach of exurbia.’
    • ‘Throw in a poor mass transit system, a small and unpopular downtown, and a population shift to exurbia, and it's a wonder anyone goes to the games.’
    • ‘About 9 million of them live in the Chicago exurbia that sprawls out to Crystal Lake, 15 miles to the east.’
    • ‘Accordingly, Buell's purpose in the new book is to ‘put ‘green’ and ‘brown’ landscapes, the landscapes of exurbia and industrialization, in conversation with one another.’’
    • ‘That is leading to exurbia, a two-pronged movement.’
    • ‘This once small town is being increasingly populated by white Americans looking for ‘stability and safety’ in the ever-expanding subdivisions of exurbia.’
    • ‘No, we're paving over the prime farmland as Americans flee out into exurbia, trying to flee the overcrowded housing stock in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, etcetera.’


1955 (originally US, see exurb) ‘out of’ + -urbia, on the pattern of suburbia.