Definition of extrude in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually be extruded
  • 1Thrust or force out.

    ‘lava was being extruded from the volcano’
    • ‘To date the only known such work triggered by those catastrophic events, it extruded new sounds from the instrument.’
    • ‘As the lava continues extruding, it is forming a long, narrow, spinelike dome in the volcano's crater.’
    • ‘The geogrids are manufactured by extruding a sheet of polyprtopylene, punching an accurate pattern of holes and then stretching the sheet under controlled temperature in two directions.’
    • ‘The white fleshy oviduct is extruded, and the eggs are squeezed out.’
    • ‘Put a towel on the handles and using your body weight, press down to extrude the noodles.’
    • ‘The reflective surfaces could be frozen ammonia-water ‘lava flows,’ which were extruded onto the surface as a liquid that froze into smooth, glassy ice.’
    • ‘I have managed to extrude it from the lamp it was in successfully.’
    • ‘He dismounts the bike and it extrudes its kickstand.’
    • ‘The relatively degassed T2 magma could not sustain plinian explosive activity, so that the remaining magma as lava domes and coulees was extruded with some associated subplinian or vulcanian explosive activity.’
    • ‘Collectively, we studied the mound that looked as if it might have been extruded by an elephant.’
    • ‘The female extrudes spawn which is unviable (until the male comes along and fertilises it) and so she hasn't given birth to any young.’
    • ‘Using a fine nozzle, the design is extruded onto the surface in a manner a bit like icing a cake.’
    • ‘Long columnar jointing through the dome suggests that a large volume of lava was extruded at one time and would have cooled more slowly inside than at the surface.’
    • ‘We then gently squeezed the males' abdomen with forceps to extrude their aedeagus, after which we removed approximately 50% of the copulatory organ by using a pair of microscissors.’
    • ‘It digests its food by climbing onto its prey and extruding its stomach over the coral colony, releasing digestive enzymes to then absorb the liquified tissue.’
    • ‘Samples were thawed while still in their sealed vials and then crushed in a stainless-steel press to extrude sap, which was immediately analysed.’
    • ‘However, they make it in a solution, and this has to be extruded (forced through a small orifice at high pressure) to force the protein molecules to line up into a fiber.’
    • ‘The tonoplast has been shown to undulate when amyloplasts impact it, possibly ejecting ions in the process because the vacuole sequesters and extrudes ions.’
    • ‘According to Aghabawa, the rhyolites were extruded as siliceous lava, which solidified as glass and was subsequently devitrified.’
    force out, thrust out, squeeze out, express, press out, eject, expel, release, give off, emit, void, exude, excrete
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    1. 1.1 Shape (a material such as metal or plastic) by forcing it through a die.
      • ‘If things went really well they bought a tiny carton of over priced reconstituted potato, extruded into little stick shapes.’
      • ‘What will we do when the plastic bag extruding company closes down and all their employees are retrenched.’
      • ‘This practice is widely used in producing thin extruded shapes of alloys 6061, 6063, 6463 and 7005.’
      • ‘On the contrary it extends to any roof structure involving the use of hollow plastic extruded elements.’
      • ‘The company will also incorporate two species on one window and offers extruded solid bronze or aluminum cladding.’
      • ‘Plastics are resinous substances molded, cast, or extruded into desired shapes.’
      • ‘The front and rear bumpers of the Esperante are also extruded, but in a curved shape.’
      • ‘The Hasbro company manufactures a device for extruding Play Doh into two piece molds in a variety of forms.’
      • ‘The production of pasta is done by extruding the dough through rollers where it is shaped.’
      • ‘Once you create shapes, you can extrude them with the Push-Pull tool to produce 3D models.’
      • ‘The material is flexible; it can be extruded, molded, and machined.’
      • ‘In the laboratory, each soil core was extruded from the plastic liner and divided into five depth increments.’
      • ‘Of the extrusion alloys, only AZ80A is not extruded into hollow shapes or tubing.’
      • ‘Using Mackley's technique, ordinary chocolate is extruded into malleable ropes by being forced at room temperature and at high pressure though steel nozzles.’
      • ‘Nylons are thermoplastic, and so can be extruded into various shapes.’


Mid 16th century: from Latin extrudere, from ex- ‘out’ + trudere ‘to thrust’.