Definition of extremophile in US English:



  • A microorganism, especially an archaean, that lives in conditions of extreme temperature, acidity, alkalinity, or chemical concentration.

    • ‘Studies of extremophiles have revealed that terrestrial life occupies virtually every imaginable habitat where liquid water, chemical nutrients, and simple forms of energy coexist.’
    • ‘However, for many poorly studied microbes, such as the increasing number of completely sequenced extremophiles, this approach may provide valuable information on their ecology that cannot be obtained otherwise.’
    • ‘Microbes are microscopic organisms that can thrive in seemingly inhospitable environments and are sometimes referred to as extremophiles.’
    • ‘Even right here on Earth, new categories of organisms, collectively called extremophiles, thrive in conditions inimical to human beings.’
    • ‘Ongoing discoveries of extremophiles on Earth continue to inform all of us of how much there is to learn about life.’