Definition of extravagantly in US English:



  • 1With a lack of restraint in spending money or using resources.

    ‘he lived extravagantly and fell deeply into debt’
    • ‘Local music fans accused recording companies of spending extravagantly for promotional activities.’
    • ‘Records obtained by the press showed that politicians spent extravagantly on restaurant meals, hotels, and helicopter trips.’
    • ‘He earned a great deal of money, but kept little of it, living extravagantly and paying vast sums to his ex-wives in alimony and for the support of his nine children.’
    • ‘Never extravagantly funded to begin with, they now find their research budgets cut even further.’
    • ‘They are making money out of vulnerable parents by selling extravagantly priced preparations of vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients of unproven efficacy.’
    1. 1.1 In an excessive or elaborate way.
      ‘extravagantly decorated ceilings painted with stars and angels’
      • ‘In this painting, he shows himself as an extravagantly dressed Venetian gentleman with carefully curled hair.’
      • ‘He was extravagantly dressed, in padded hose, slashed sleeves, and gloves with jewelled cuffs.’
      • ‘He gestures extravagantly to the air.’
      • ‘Everyone who was anyone stepped out in his flamboyant gowns made from extravagantly decorated fabrics.’
      • ‘The office suite was extravagantly furnished, with plush burgundy carpeting and an array of geometrically styled workstations.’
    2. 1.2 To a large degree and with extreme feeling.
      ‘as a child, Mozart was extravagantly praised’
      ‘he was extravagantly admired for his versatility’
      • ‘The confidence and authority with which even the young man tackled his subject is now distrusted in a world extravagantly concerned with cultural relativity.’
      • ‘She yawned extravagantly.’
      • ‘She repeatedly danced, waved, and flirted extravagantly with the audience.’
      • ‘His French operas were extravagantly admired cultural monuments 150 years ago.’
      • ‘It is a highly enjoyable play in a production extravagantly praised by critics.’