Definition of extraterritorial in US English:



  • 1(of a law or decree) valid outside a country's territory.

    • ‘Arrest under the Crimes Act, which this one was, no doubt has extraterritorial operation.’
    • ‘However, the validity of some MEA trade restrictions is at least doubtful, in particular those involving process and production methods, discrimination between parties and non-parties, and extraterritorial application.’
    • ‘The third possible basis of extraterritorial jurisdiction is the effects doctrine.’
    • ‘Although the statutory wording seems wide enough to cover such a case, this would be tantamount to according the Act extraterritorial character.’
    • ‘A narrow view of the English authorities, then, is that the fact that a court order has extraterritorial effect is a factor which the court will take into account in exercising a discretion.’
    • ‘‘Lack of extraterritorial legislation in South Africa has fuelled the growth of the trafficking trade in this country,’ she said.’
    • ‘However, international bodies responsible for scrutinizing compliance with human rights standards have increasingly interpreted these obligations as also having extraterritorial scope.’
    • ‘If the court at first instance was wrong in its conclusion on the validity of the service of an extraterritorial summons then its actions subsequent, in my view, amount to a nullity.’
    • ‘It thus makes sense for Congress to step in, in order to keep state law from having such extraterritorial effects.’
    • ‘What is new is not the concept of extraterritorial jurisdiction but the willingness of some governments to fulfill this duty against those in high places.’
    • ‘Such extraterritorial application of organic law would have been so significant an innovation in the practice of governments that, if intended or apprehended, it could scarcely have failed to excite contemporary comment.’
    • ‘The bill allows for extraterritorial jurisdiction to be taken in certain limited circumstances.’
    • ‘It is possible that the Parliament could pass a law, having extraterritorial effect, which might invalidate a contrary law.’
    • ‘English law has refused to give effect to such extraterritorial orders issued by foreign governments.’
    • ‘That is a really murky detail because it makes these contractors outside the extraterritorial judicial law for prosecuting members of the military or for holding them to military justice standards.’
    • ‘The discussion as to whether the First Amendment could have an extraterritorial reach is quite interesting, although it was only a District Court case.’
    • ‘My fumbling attempt to answer Justice McHugh is to this effect, that of course there can be the extraterritorial legislation which makes part of the record, treats as the Tribunal's doings what is done in Greece.’
    • ‘That is why I am about to go through the various indicia which indicate that there is a limited extraterritorial effect in this legislation.’
    • ‘The ‘act of state doctrine’, the doctrine of ‘foreign governmental compulsion’, and the principle of comity all serve to limit the extraterritorial application of the law.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting the freedom of an ambassador or other embassy staff from the jurisdiction of the territory of residence.
      ‘foreign embassies have extraterritorial rights’
      • ‘Japan and China, however, have confirmed that the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, which recognizes diplomatic immunity and the extraterritorial status of government establishments, does not apply to the school.’
      • ‘Japan was alert, and in 1899 had just put a final end to the extraterritorial privileges enjoyed by European traders in Japan.’
      • ‘The airport's transit area has the legal status of an extraterritorial zone.’
      • ‘The issue was particularly sensitive in Iran because of a long history of colonial extraterritorial rights.’
    2. 1.2 Situated outside a country's territory.
      ‘extraterritorial industrial zones’
      • ‘He contended that his acts were extraterritorial to the Netherlands, whereas the authority to proceed had alleged intraterritorial conduct only.’
      • ‘Held incommunicado at the navy brig in Charleston, he cannot say; and the public, having no constitutional oversight over the extraterritorial prison in Cuba, does not know.’
      • ‘The national consolidation of American capitalism set the stage for its extraterritorial expansion.’
      • ‘In some states, a city's extraterritorial jurisdiction may extend for up to five miles from the city limits.’
      • ‘We would want to make sure there was sufficient flexibility so that if New Zealand wanted to waive the right to have extraterritorial effect on those personnel, it would be able to.’
      • ‘But the legislation can have no extraterritorial effect on foreign spammers.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin extra territorium ‘outside the territory’ + -al.