Definition of extraordinarily in US English:



  • 1In a very unusual or remarkable way.

    ‘he was able to show us how people can behave extraordinarily’
    sentence adverb ‘extraordinarily, he escaped with a scratch’
    • ‘He was able to show us how people can behave extraordinarily, and how they can do extraordinary things while just being ordinary people.’
    • ‘Extraordinarily, it seems that there are no formal guidelines about this.’
    • ‘The size of the market for consumer electronics products has expanded extraordinarily over the last decade.’
    • ‘The decision of a panel of members, as well as concertgoers and radio listeners, was, extraordinarily, unanimous.’
    • ‘They have responded extraordinarily and we feel delighted that our procedures have worked.’
    • ‘Extraordinarily, the international community did little to try to stop this - until far too late.’
    • ‘The Tempest can be regarded as a meditation on colonialism and, extraordinarily, the ability to let go the reins of power.’
    • ‘You said before - extraordinarily, I thought - that the price of water was likely to go up.’
    • ‘Levi was a survivor of Auschwitz, and wrote extraordinarily about that experience.’
    • ‘Soon circumstances changed extraordinarily.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To a remarkable degree; extremely.
      ‘he did a good job in extraordinarily difficult circumstances’
      ‘it is a simple story, extraordinarily well told’
      • ‘The fact of the matter is, it's an extraordinarily dangerous place.’
      • ‘This is a remarkable book, richly detailed and extraordinarily moving.’
      • ‘This is an extraordinarily high number, the sort of growth rate that most policy makers can only dream about.’
      • ‘That's an extraordinarily low figure, isn't it?’
      • ‘The research component of the project is extraordinarily important.’
      • ‘The exhibition has been extraordinarily successful.’
      • ‘The human mind remains extraordinarily difficult to understand.’
      • ‘This struck us as quite extraordinarily ungenerous.’
      • ‘That went down extraordinarily badly with people across the country.’
      • ‘Alicia seems to be coping extraordinarily well, considering what she's been through.’