Definition of extraocular muscle in US English:

extraocular muscle


  • Each of six small voluntary muscles controlling movement of the eyeball within the socket.

    • ‘The size of the motor unit in this muscle approximates the size of that in the extraocular muscles, less than about ten muscle fibers.’
    • ‘Infiltration of extraocular muscles may lead to moderate to severe restriction of movement.’
    • ‘It may be absent on one side, in which case the extraocular muscle usually innervated by the abducens (the lateral rectus) is supplied by the oculomotor nerve.’
    • ‘But this isn't a simple diabetic extraocular muscle palsy.’
    • ‘Other symptoms include photophobia, pain with extraocular muscle movement, excessive tearing, blepharospasm, foreign body sensation, gritty feeling, blurred vision, and headache.’


extraocular muscle

/ˌekstrəˌäkyələr ˈməs(ə)l/