Definition of extranuclear in US English:



  • 1Situated in or affecting parts of a cell outside the nucleus.

    • ‘The comet assay shows that extensive DNA damage is created even when initial photosensitization events are extranuclear.’
    • ‘To define mechanisms underlying heritable changes in the phenotype, we analyzed the possibility of extranuclear inheritance by transferring some factors via the male.’
    • ‘Previous micromechanical studies of isolated nuclei have reported that nuclei are significantly stiffer than the extranuclear, cytoplasmic space of the cell.’
    • ‘One such mechanism is extranuclear inheritance, which involves no physical change in the cell's genome, though it may involve changes in a heritable pattern of protein expression as in the following example.’
    • ‘If, on the other hand, CI is caused by modification of extranuclear paternal factors, these white-eyed uniparental daughters will not be seen - they instead will die as embryos.’
  • 2Situated or occurring outside the nucleus of an atom.