Definition of extractor in US English:



  • 1often with modifier A machine or device used to extract something.

    ‘a juice extractor’
    • ‘Many different types are available, from island cooker hoods to integrated hoods that fit under cupboards, chimney hoods to wall-mounted panel extractors.’
    • ‘I expect that of the 17,000 people of the Westbury region only a few have seen the moonscape left by planners and company extractors, in the existing quarry.’
    • ‘You will find some delightful half moon cabins with smoke extractors in place over the fire pit which are very useful when it rains.’
    • ‘Just one suggestion - take another look at your air extractors on the windows to check they are working properly.’
    • ‘Simply put, Arnold advised multinational resource extractors that in an all - enveloping mediascape the way to achieve their corporate ends is by simulating democratic action.’
    • ‘A feature of the bar and lounge, is the high airy ceiling with extractors to ensure a healthy night's drinking.’
    • ‘Council planning officer Martin Perks confirmed that the store had been granted retrospective planning permission for the extractors on April 15, several weeks after they had been installed.’
    • ‘The shock to the motor was so big that it snapped the oil pump off the block and sprayed hot oil over the extractors (the part of the exhaust connected to the motor).’
    • ‘I have been in very few establishments where there are adequate extractors.’
    • ‘This time-intensive option would also require a substantial writing task to maintain mapping files, translate searches into queries and create multiple data extractors to translate information from different formats.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We have some superb smoke extractors here and they do a wonderful job.’’
    • ‘Mineral extractors are also amongst next week's interim reporters.’
    • ‘Some of the air extractors installed in an effort to make pubs more acceptable for non-smokers, have cost bar owners as much as €30,000, the Vintners' Federation of Ireland, said yesterday.’
    • ‘We know it's no good for Dave's eyes, but we've put in some extractors.’
    • ‘Two air extractors were installed at the rear of the vehicle, under the rear fascia, to pull the air down the sides instead of letting it flow through the middle.’
    • ‘The kitchens are Shaker style with chrome fittings, polished granite worktops and stainless steel extractors.’
    • ‘The kitchen floors will be tiled, while ceramic hobs, stainless steel extractors, ovens and grills will be provided as standard.’
    • ‘Features include nine foot high ceilings, recessed lighting in the entrance hall, cherry wood fitted kitchens with granite worktops and stainless steel extractors, and fireplaces in the living rooms.’
    • ‘The extractors were clearing the air of smoke and bringing in new air, but it was so hot, there was nothing we could really do about that.’
    • ‘Power level is a critical factor - most extractors have several speeds, with flow rates measured in volume of air extracted in an hour.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting a device used to ventilate and remove bad smells from an area.
      ‘the engine room's extractor fans’
      • ‘He claimed pubs are cleaner today than ever before, as they are installed with extractor fans and air purifiers.’
      • ‘The kitchens have recessed downlighting, granite worktops and stainless steel extractor fans.’
      • ‘They need a constant supply of air from the house and do strange and rather dangerous things if used in combination with extractor fans.’
      • ‘It contains an integrated fridge, dishwasher, oven and extractor fan, and large terracotta floor tiles.’
      • ‘The room is ventilated with extractor fans to clear the ethylene, then resealed for a further 3-4 days at 17C.’
      • ‘Active systems are better at removing the gas - but electric extractor fans don't last for ever.’
      • ‘The kitchen has fitted units, red mosaic tiled walls, recessed spotlights, quarry floor tiles, an oven and an extractor fan.’
      • ‘Two young women whisked around the place with trays, clearing tables, and the landlord turned the extractor fans on high.’
      • ‘The same goes for light switches, plug sockets, razor points and extractor fans.’
      • ‘Questions raised included why workers were allowed to work in an area where an extractor fan had been reported broken the night before.’
      • ‘Open the windows and switch on the extractor fan above the hob.’
      • ‘The extractor fans and wire mesh were also cleaned of dirt and dust.’
      • ‘There is an integrated stainless steel oven, hob and extractor fan as well as an island unit dividing the kitchen from the breakfast area.’
      • ‘An electric oven, hob and extractor fan come with the house.’
      • ‘You know, it is almost impossible during the day not to hear the sound of traffic and extractor fans.’
      • ‘Included in the sale are an integrated oven, four-ring gas hob, extractor fan, freezer and washer-dryer.’
      • ‘Brushed steel ovens, hobs and extractor fans are included in the price, thermostatic mixer showers are fitted over each bath and there are fitted wardrobes in most bedrooms.’
      • ‘We have an extractor fan in the kitchen which is over the hob.’
      • ‘Both bedrooms overlook the front and have en suite shower rooms that are partially tiled and fitted with showers, extractor fans and mirrored vanity cabinets.’
      • ‘The two ring hob, complete with extractor fan, is controlled from that little button panel you see in the foreground.’