Definition of extraconstitutional in English:



  • Not based on or authorized by a political constitution.

    ‘the dubious legality of extraconstitutional courts’
    • ‘Second, there are other, unenumerated rights that the people retain in an extraconstitutional sense.’
    • ‘Besides putting pressure on journalists, the Bonds, Plame, and Rhode Island cases have one crucial element in common: Each is the direct result of the federal government's extraconstitutional prosecutorial power run totally amok.’
    • ‘By failing to support Aristide, the US broke with its obligations to the Organization of American States to come to the defense of a member democracy faced with extraconstitutional threats to its existence.’
    • ‘The problem was that this program was ‘extralegal and extraconstitutional and that it established a process for designating a new American president that is nowhere authorized in the U.S. Constitution or federal law…‘’
    • ‘On the contrary, giving the state extraconstitutional powers will exacerbate its crisis of legitimacy.’
    • ‘Although the highest-level leaders may change, often by extraconstitutional means such as military coups, the sustained role of the bureaucracy has ensured a high degree of policy continuity.’
    • ‘While liberals express outrage at the thought of amending Senate rules, he said, the practice of filibustering nominees ‘is at the very least extraconstitutional, perhaps unconstitutional.’’
    • ‘Yes, the jurisprudential underpinnings of the Eleventh Circuit's decision in the Alabama Ten Commandments decision are an extraconstitutional fraud.’
    • ‘When you put conditions only for women, this is extraconstitutional.’