Definition of extrachromosomal in US English:



  • Situated or operating outside the chromosome.

    ‘extrachromosomal DNA’
    • ‘Upon heat shock during larval development, FLP and I-SceI produce the extrachromosomal targeting molecule.’
    • ‘Although it is possible that these extra ND5-like sequences exist as extrachromosomal, episomal DNA, several lines of evidence suggest they are of nuclear origin.’
    • ‘In this study, I investigated genetic requirements and DNA substrates for DSB repair in S. pombe using a new simple extrachromosomal DSB repair assay.’
    • ‘Crosses were done between transgenic plants carrying pShortDs and plants containing transposase to analyze the ends of extrachromosomal linear Ds elements.’
    • ‘Circular extrachromosomal Ac and Ds molecules have been described previously, although their origin and possible relation to the circular molecules discussed here is unclear.’