Definition of extensometer in US English:



  • An instrument for measuring the deformation of a material under stress.

    • ‘Testing is carried out using a constant cross head speed, and elongation to fracture measured with a 50-mm gage length extensometer.’
    • ‘Expansin activity was assayed as described earlier using a custom made extensometer.’
    • ‘Column covers are fitted with T-slots to allow compatibility with various accessories, such as grips, fixtures, extensometers, and chambers.’
    • ‘With such extensometer, the fiber's central zone is stretched without any displacement and can be analyzed by x-ray diffraction without moving the beam.’
    • ‘Instrumentation and monitoring within the tunnels will be effected through such means as inclinometers, extensometers, strain gauges, load cells, instrumented rock bolts, and standard convergence and deformation measurements.’


Late 19th century: from Latin extens- ‘extended’ (from the verb extendere) + -meter.